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Floors & walls

What’s popular

Quiet luxury, personalised spaces & other trends

Just like in fashion, there’s a real move towards being a more conscious interior shopper and seeking high quality, timeless designs. More about understated luxury than opulence, quiet luxury creates a sense of well-being. It is the long-term journey and adding to your home, slowly and thoughtfully.


Interiors should tell a story – your story – rather than just be a reflection of trends or a popular look. We’ve always loved eclectic style, an individually curated space and it’s wonderful to see it becoming ever more popular. Right now, it’s all about comfort and owning your own look.


Styling with pattern

Pattern can breathe new life into an interior, adding colour, character and texture. And, it’s a fabulous way to stamp your own mark on a space, be it with a tentative cushion, a jolly ottoman or a statement tiled floor. There’s no right or wrong; you just have to let the room dictate to you and be guided by your space. Even happy clashing can work, as long as patterns have a chance to breath and you can create a sense of balance.

Decorative floor and wall tiles are a fabulous way to introduce pattern throughout the home. You might want the tile to be the ‘hero’, for strong visual interest, or to create a feature to complement surrounding décor; perhaps a splashback or feature wall.  In either case, think about space, the light in the room and the overall look you want to achieve.  

Natural stone flooring

Stone is an enduringly popular finish.  It connects our homes with nature and is very grounding underfoot.  Pale sandy tones are always a popular choice but warmer colours are on the rise; gentle biscuits, fawn and brown shades, as well as richer chocolate tones.

Alongside our elegant honed designs, textured finishes are very popular.  Many create an almost sensory experience, bring a feeling of calm, permanence and a tactile touch.  There are a wide variety of patterns to choose from too – random flagstone designs, smart large-format linears and brick-style herringbones.   If you’re planning a home to garden make-over, stone is an ideal choice, creating a beautifully seamless look through bi-fold doors.  Here, texture works best, combining practical benefits with a stunning aesthetic.

Tactile lamps

Our range of tactile lighting reflects the natural charm of the great outdoors.  Rich with texture and organic beauty, these designs are thoughtfully chosen with careful consideration to their material and individual form.

Each lamp is handcrafted from eco-friendly materials, like rattan, bamboo, reclaimed timber and petrified wood, salvaged from underground.  There are a variety of styles to suit the mood of the room – be it an elegant table lamp for a cosy reading nook or a stately line of pendants to create a feature above a kitchen island.

Spa-like bathrooms

A tranquil retreat from daily hustle and bustle, a spa-like bathroom – or spathroom – is a beautiful addition to the home. Designed with comfort and relaxation in mind, these spaces take inspiration from spa-retreats and boutique hotels. They combine luxury bathing with a calm environment, along with thoughtful additions to feed the senses.  

A neutral colour palette and natural materials, like wood, stone and marble, add to the mood and bring a touch of elegance.  Generous showers and roll top baths take centre stage here, and extra wide basins are a must.  Ample storage is also important, to keep spaces clutter-free, with fragrant candles, fluffy towels and botanicals adding the finishing touch. And, if space allows, the fabulous spaces can be recreated in the garden too! 

Visit our showroom

There’s nothing quite like experiencing a natural product ‘up close.’ Our showroom includes multiple roomset environments, so that you can experience our bathroom pieces, furniture, surfaces and accessories in life-like settings. Be inspired! And, call upon our helpful team who are always on-hand to give you advice on products and all manner of practical issues.

Special offers

Our range is constantly evolving to include new designs alongside our enduring signature collections.  So, you’ll find special offers throughout the range. As well as end of lines, the seasonal edits will include discounts and seconds; beautiful products with a few little flaws. You can browse our special offers here or pop into the showroom and experience them up-close.

Who we are

Founded in 1998, Indigenous is a renowned supplier of natural, tactile materials for floors and walls. Our range includes many different varieties of limestone, wood, slate, marble and terracotta, as well as authentic porcelains. More recently, it’s expanded to include individual bathroom pieces, bespoke furniture and complementary accessories. Throughout our collections, our focus is natural and often handmade; designs that have distinct texture and form. Our designs are enjoyed in homes and commercial spaces, and are widely specified by architects and interior designers.