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Origins of marble

Marble was once a favoured material for Greek and Roman architects, much of which can still be seen in Athens, Rome and, indeed, across the world. Today, Ashgabat, in Central Asia, is home to the largest concentration of marble structures, covering a total area of 4.5 million square metres – and recognized by the Guinness World Records!

Marble can also be seen in a number of famous structures worldwide, from the Washington Monument in the USA, to the Taj Mahal in India. Marble’s been a key building material for generations – and it continues to be used by sculptors today.

It’s clear from the longevity of these structures that marble is a hard wearing, durable material and today, marble tiles have become a distinctive feature of many modern homes, providing a beautiful, lasting finish.

More about the material

Marble creates a distinct, sophisticated look, with its unique vein patterns and colour streaks. The natural stone is classified as either Dolomite, Magnesium or Calcite, and each comes in an endless spectrum of shades, patterns and finishes.

Our Marble Collection

At Indigenous, we cater for all tastes and lifestyles, so our Marble Collection includes floor and wall tiles in classical and contemporary designs.

Colour options span from the white or blue-grey Tuscan Carrara to the inky Nero Marquina – so you’ll never be short of options when it comes to choosing the perfect marble tile!

All of our marble varieties are available as pre-cut square or rectangular tiles.

Darker Marble Shades

Ordered darkest to lightest;

Nero is our darkest shade of marble and close to black in colour but with bright contrasting veins running through it.

Dark emperador is a dark brown marble almost coffee coloured with pale veins running through.

Lighter Marble Shades

Ordered darkest to lightest;

Light emperador marble is a milky coffee colour, much lighter than dark emperador but with plenty of light veins running through it. It’s lighter shade can make it ideal for bathrooms where there is less light.

Crema marfil marble is a creamy coloured marble with less veining than the emperador styles. It’s brighter yet still makes for a luxurious finish.

Breccia sardia marble is a creamy beige marble. The veining here is irregular and due to the light shade of tile does not contrast so obviously.

Carrara marble is extremely popular because of it’s blue and grey veining. Sourced from a single small region of Italy it is highly favoured due to it’s exclusivity and luxury appeal.

Botticino marble offers a light creamy finish with a combination of dark and light veining. It’s lighter shade makes it versatile and suitable for use almost anywhere.

Choose from our entire marble collection to enjoy marble tiled walls and floors in your home.

Marble floor tiles and marble wall tiles

Marble is so versatile that it can be used as both flooring and for wall tiles. Our range includes polished and honed stones, all sourced from Europe; mostly from Italy and Spain.

Our renowned customer service

As well as offering a wide range of marble floor and wall tiles, we’re also on hand to provide expert advice – from the best finishes to suit your interior design, to installation and ongoing maintenance tips.

We’re completely focused on quality and only source the very best materials. Explore our range via our online shop or pop into our showroom in Burford and see some lovely examples from our range, in stunning room set environments.

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