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Home Uncategorised Why bathroom partitions are a great idea

A partition wall conjures thoughts of spaces becoming smaller; being divided up and boxed off.In a bathroom, where space is often at a premium, the thought of creating an extra wall may seem inconceivable. Yet, this rarely used technique actually opens up a wealth of design opportunities.

Adding a simple partition creates an instant focal point and allows you to completely rethink your design. Two extra surface areas and access points creates lots of options, for washing, bathing and dressing. The partition itself can be used to create a feature wall and decorated using contrasting tiles or cladding. Using one side of the wall as a basin area allows you to create a neat, symmetrical look. Freestanding basins and vanity units work really well together and create extra storage, keeping the room clutter-free. Positioning a double shower behind the wall also provides privacy and access from either side of the partition. Shower heads can be positioned on the ceiling or wall, giving a free wet room experience, whilst containing water within one area.

The partition concept can also be used to divide a bath and basin area, or to create a hidden loo. Floors can be laid seamlessly throughout, eliminating any trip hazards, and all plumbing can be neatly hidden without the partition wall.

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