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Rounded basins bring a softness, with their gentle, elegant contours.  Some are perfectly circular, whilst others are oval, lozenge or egg-shaped, with a tapered edge.  Most are made for one, but there are also double, elongated designs for sharing – and there are many different styles and materials to choose from.


Most round basins are countertop-style.  This gives enormous design scope, as there are a multitude of washstand options on which to place them. Designs span from bench-style washstands and floating shelves, to glamorous dressing table-cum-vanity units. You can choose a style to complement the basin or to contrast – like a rustic wooden washstand with a smooth stone or a bright, metallic basin. If you want extra surface space for a single basin – and you have the room – opt for a double washstand.  Many designs include a shelf, so you’ll get double the storage space for towels and baskets.

Indigenous’ rounded basins include metal designs – in bronze, copper and oxidised copper, nickel and tin; Nero and Carrara Stone; Onyx, Crystal Rock, Riverstone volcanic rock, Petrified Wood and Stone Resin. Many of the designs add further contrast by combining a rugged exterior with a smooth interior bowl.


Washstands include Indigenous’ new Petrified Wood & Oak Washstand – handmade in the UK; Reclaimed Teak; Teak Root and Petrified Wood designs, each made from salvaged timber.  The collection also includes a glamorous, vintage-style Bone Inlay Washstand, handmade from sustainable sourced bone, ebony-toned resin and local mango wood.

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