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Flagstone flooring is very popular and we’re often asked about the different options for different interior styles and budgets. Many people think that these fabulous, robust slabs really only work in rustic or stately settings. In fact, there’s now such a variety of designs, in various shades, finishes and formats, that there’s something for everybody.

The most popular types of flagstone

The most popular types of flagstone flooring are aged stone; ones that creates that vintage, reclaimed look, with lots of texture and sought-after, ragged broken edges. These stunning natural surfaces can be mixed and matched with old and new, for a fabulous shabby chic look or something a little more eclectic.

Our new flagstone flooring range

Six new designs joined our own range for spring/summer and they illustrate the variety of options that are available really well.

Two of the new flagstone flooring designs are at the paler end of the colour spectrum: Lucerna has a creamy tone, with hints of blush, and a smooth aged surface.

Old English has a warmer, buttery colour and a really distinct smooth, undulating surface. These stones are so fresh and bright, and they reflect the light beautifully.

The third design, Shire Sandblasted, has a more even creamy beige tone with flecks of grey and a slightly rougher surface. Or there’s County, with its random sized tiles and tones that vary from slab to slab for a real hotch-potch look, in ivory, dark grey and warm honey shades.

Dark flagstone flooring is very popular too, with its chic rich tones that lend themselves to country or edgy urban settings. Our new designs include Dordogne, which has a mix of honey, beige and darker tan tones and a distinct pitted surface. Darker still, Manoir is a mix of brown, beige and mossy shades, with just a hint of sage.

All of these flagstone flooring designs can be laid indoors and outside and bring with them a wealth of practical features. For more advice on colour tones and finishes, join us on FACEBOOK, follow us on Twitter, or call 01993 824200.

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