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Stunning interiors no longer fit into ‘traditional’ or ‘modern’ pigeon-holes. They include an elegant mix of both styles – like a statement chair alongside an inglenook, or a sleek resin basin on a rustic wash-stand. So, how do you create a harmonious mix without a clash of styles?

Go natural

Some contemporary furniture can be a little too stark and industrial. Instead of metal or Perspex, which can sometimes be a little jarring, choose natural materials like wood, stone and leather; they’ll create a very current look, without compromising on comfort or style.  

Make a statement

Choose a mix of texture and sculptural design, to create a real ‘wow’ factor. In this way, a simple piece of furniture becomes a work of art.

Complement your colour scheme

Keep it easy on the eye. Choose natural fibres in muted tones for a colour pallet that won’t date or lose its charm. Gentle creams, beiges, and greys will blend with any colour scheme.

Be tactile

Tactile furniture feeds the senses. Choose pieces that feel lovely to the touch, from a gnarly wooden stool, to rustic wicker-work with its flowing weaver.

Choose quality – and be eco-friendly!

Pay a little more and get a genuine, individual design that will stand the test of time. And, look out for designs made from reclaimed or salvaged materials, like Indigenous’ Driftwood, Branchwood and Teak Root ranges.

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