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Our new Teak Root Pendants are offered in three softly sculptured designs – Ara, Vela and Lyra – each handmade from salvaged timber.  The teak root’s rustic grain combines pale and light golden tones, creating a pared-back Scandinavian feel.


How Our Teak Root Lighting is Made

Like all of our teak root designs, the new pendants are made from the salvaged roots from fallen teak trees, that would normally be burnt or discarded.  The roots’ natural shape and flow steer the designs, so each pendant has a unique grain pattern.  Ara is the most linear design, falling into a slim, straight pendant.  Vela follows a similar line but with a narrow neck.  Lyra combines a narrow neck with a full, bulb-like pendant.

vela teak root pendant

How to Hang Our Teak Root Pendants

The lights can be hung in many different ways.  Single pendants work well in small spaces, whilst lines create a stunning feature above dining tables, islands or flowing through hallways; odd numbers work best, giving the eye a central pendant to rest on.  Lights can also be hung at different levels in a cluster, to create a central feature.

What’s Included With Our Teak Root Pendants

Each pendant has a 2m long braided fabric matt Cable, which allows the light to hang completely straight, and a brass Bayonet cap fitting (B22 fitting) for an LED bulb (max 40 watts, not included).

More Teak Root Accessories & Lighting from Our Collection

Our teak root range extends beyond lighting to include; coffee tables and sideboards, washstands, floating vanity units, as well as various chairs, benches and stools, vases, tableware and a wavy splash-shaped mirror.

Other designs from the Teak Root Collection include;

Teak Root Lighting

Luxury teak root table lamp

Ara teak root pendant

Vela teak root pendant

Lyra teak root pendant

Browse our entire lighting collection

Teak Root Furniture

Teak root rectangular coffee table

Teak root square coffee table

Teak root bench
teak root bench

Teak root chair

Teak root sideboard

Teak root rectangular stool

Teak root round stool

Teak Root Home Accessories

We also have a range of teak root home accessories including; chopping boards, mirrors, bowls, plates and vases.


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