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In our pursuit of healthier, greener lifestyles, natural materials are becoming more popular than ever – especially those from recycled and sustainable sources. Wood, in particular, is being chosen in place of many materials, including plastic – with more natural, rustic timbers steering trends.

“Natural, mid-toned woods, with visual warmth, and sun-bleached timber are always popular choices – but they look set to be key interior elements. Aside from their authentic look and feel, their warm, honest tones work so well with all colour schemes – from traditional neutrals, to crisp, pure tones – like on-trend Neo Mint and Purist Blue – and the new mellow Cassis, Cantaloupe and earthy yellows,” explains Indigenous’ Clare Thomas.

New interior pieces to join Indigenous’ range include Petrified Wood Bowls, Chopping Boards and a Teak Root Coffee Table. The Petrified Wood designs are made from wood salvaged from underground; ‘petrification’ – a type of fossilisation – takes place as the wood is starved of oxygen and this turns it into a textured, stone-like material. Indigenous Teak Root Table is made from the salvaged roots of fallen teak trees, which would normally be burnt or discarded.Both materials are naturally durable and all of the designs are individually handmade.

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