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Terracotta tiles are making a big come-back! With their warm, earthy tones and ‘plant pot’ appeal, these fabulous tiles bring a warm, sunny feel to any interior.

They’re also great at disguising footprints, so are a godsend at this time of year, as we don our boots and wellies.

What is terracotta?

Terracotta is Italian for ‘baked earth’ and tiles are made by baking natural clay, in a wood-fired oven, often after they have been laid outside to absorb the Mediterranean sunshine.

Terracotta has been used throughout history, for pottery, bricks, roof shingles, floor tiles and sculpture – proof of its long-lasting quality and appeal!

Terracotta tiles come in many shapes and sizes, from large slabs to herringbone brick patterns.

Can you use terracotta outside?

Terracotta tiles can be used indoors and outside and tend to be warmer underfoot than other materials – and generally cheap to source and lay.

Primarily in the UK, terracotta is used indoors, and great care has to be taken when using terracotta externally.

Indoors, we recommend using a combination of boiled linseed oil and wax to enhance the natural colours of the terracotta, whilst ensuring it is easy to maintain and keep clean.

Our terracotta tile range

Our own travel-inspired range includes three different collections of handmade terracotta tiles, produced by skilled craftsmen, and ranging in colour from mellow rosey hues to robust burnt orange tones.

Classic terracotta

Our Classic Terracotta Tiles Collection includes four tile designs – in square and rectangular formats – which each have a honey to pink tone.

These tiles are made using a wooden mould, before being laid out in the sun to dry. The choice of size gives plenty of scope and, for a more rustic look, you can flip them over and fix the tiles upside down!

Antique Terracotta Pammets

If you’re after an even more rustic look, our Antique Pammets are ideal.

The tiles have a ruddy, aged appearance and you might even find the occasional paw or claw print, from when they were laid on the mountain-side to dry.

Antique Pammets provide a fabulous, aged look and they mature beautifully. They’re also available in four formats (square and rectangular), so you can choose a design to suit your room’s shape and dimensions.

Designs from both the Classic and Antique Pammet Collections are characterised by chipped edges and salts, which can be removed during the laying process. For a truly historic floor, there’s our exclusive collection of Reclaimed Terracotta– made in the 18th and 19th centuries and sourced from ‘Maisons de Maître’ across France.

The age of the tiles and their burnt rose hue, with a mixture of ochre and earthy flaming, make this terracotta very special indeed!

Find out more about our Terracotta Collections here, visit, join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Or pop into our Burford showroom to talk through some interior ideas over a coffee!

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