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Throughout the Indigenous stone resin collection, a bright white composite stone resin is combined with a gel coat surface to create a seamless finish. The tactile matt surface is also impervious to bacteria and staining, making our stone resin baths and basins very easy to care for.

Stone Resin Baths

Three new freestanding bath designs – the Tallulah slipper bath and the elegant Rena bath – have joined Indigenous’ Stone Resin Collection.

Defined by its flawless elegance, the range now includes seven bathtubs. Each has a tactile, silky matt white finish, with formats spanning from fluid shapes, like Tallulah, classical contemporary-styled Rena and Adriana, with its modern, angular design.

The new Tallulah bath tub slopes upwards to create an iconic slipper shape with a contemporary feel. It measures 1650mm in length, is 780mm wide and is 900mm in height at its tallest point. The Rena stone resin bath gently slopes at each end and has subtly stylish lines; it measures 1630mm x 700mm x 540mm.

Here’s our full range of stone resin baths.

Stone Resin Basins

Our full stone resin basin range includes two pedestal basins and eight countertop basins.

The Adrianna basin has a very modern, rectangular format with straight edges, and is offered in a double or single design. The double basin measures 900mm x 400mm x 105mm and the single measures 600 mm x 400mm x 105mm.

Each new design has multiple complementary partners within the range. To find out more, browse Our stone resin baths

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