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Firepits and cosy blankets allow us to make the most of our garden furniture – but choosing designs that work inside and outside is an even better option.  Instead of being packed away or covered up, gardens sofas and side tables can provide extra seats and surfaces over the winter months, ideal for family gatherings and guests coming to stay.


“Robust, sustainable materials, like salvaged teak and petrified wood are perfectly suited for indoors and outdoors.  They add lots of grain and texture, for an elegant rustic look, and furniture designs can be dressed with throws and cushions to suit their surrounds,” explained indigenous’ Clare Thomas.


Branchwood designs, like Indigenous’ Branchwood Sofa and stools, are made from small teak wood branches collected from larger teak trees during pruning.  Pale and knotty, the timber is kiln dried which gives it a sun-bleached appearance. It works beautifully with natural textured linens and woollen throws, creating a very natural, organic feel.


Teak root furniture is made from salvaged root material; it’s renowned for its durability, so it suits any setting. Handmade sculptural designs, like Indigenous’ Teak Root Chair, are steered by the root’s shape and flow, so they’re each unique and make lovely statement pieces. Also salvaged from underground, Petrified wood is a solid stone-like material; the result of petrification, where wood is starved of oxygen.  Designs like Indigenous’ Petrified Wood Stool give the timber a new lease of life and they can be used in lots of different ways – as an occasional or bedside table, a vanity stool and, next year, back besides a sun lounger.


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