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As our gardens become extensions of our homes, more care is being taken in how we ‘furnish’ them.  Practicality and durability are important – but style and comfort are too.  And, then there’s the increasing desire to be authentic and ethical.  Recycled timber and stone designs – like our Branchwood day bed and stone baths – allow you to tick all of these boxes and to create an outdoor oasis perfectly suited to its natural surroundings.

Here are our tips for creating the best outdoor bathing space in your garden.

Outdoor Bath Tubs for The Best Garden Bathing Experience

The Riverstone bath tub is handmade from salvaged Basalt boulders sourced from the Marapi volcano in Central Java. The rocks are washed down-river during the rainy season.  They’re collected when they become lodged downstream which prevents flooding, and then crafted into different shapes and designs.

And if you want to bathe, rather than just wallow, under the stars, there’s also the Oxidised Copper Bath which is made from sustainable metal.  It’s a growing wellness trend – and it creates a fabulous garden feature.

Outdoor Furniture for Relaxing in Your Garden

Our Branchwood Collection contains thirteen garden pieces each made from reclaimed fallen teak branches.  The wood is salvaged from the forests in Indonesia; it is kiln dried for a sun-bleached appearance.  The wood’s natural twisting contours, gnarls and dark knots give the handmade pieces a very rustic look.  Some, like the Branchwood Sofa Bench and Branchwood Day Bed have a romantic style. Choose the Branchwood sunlounger to get the ultimate piece for reclining and relaxing outdoors.

For the best seating around your outdoor bathing space, choose our branchwood relaxer chair. Or choose from our luxury stools, which stand on tall wavy legs, hint at whimsical and homespun.  Many of the pieces blur the lines between outside and in – a coat stand, towel ladder and towel rail which lend themselves to both during the warm summer months.





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