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It wasn’t so long ago that bathrooms were practical places for a quick wash and brush up. Now, they’re sanctuaries; places to linger, relax and pamper. To create that luxurious spa-like retreat, we’re choosing tactile, natural materials and stone flooring continues to be top of that list.

Stone is a great option for the bathroom. It’s hardwearing, practical and its classic good looks provide style longevity. Advances in finishes have also removed any concerns relating to safety; textured and sandblasted designs add texture and also create the slip resistance needed. Advances in cleaning and sealing products have also made porous limestones and delicate marbles more viable for bathrooms, so the world really is your oyster.

Here is how to seal limestone floor tiles

Choosing your stone flooring

With so many options, it can be hard to choose – and often, less is more. If you’re choosing a very minimalist wall finish, you might want to make more of a feature of the floor and vice versa. Think carefully about flow, in terms of the direction of any grout lines, and bear in mind that many stone flooring materials can be continued onto walls; designs are generally offered in different sizes and thicknesses, with slimmer formats for walls. Using the same material on different surfaces creates a fabulous, seamless look and is very in keeping with a spa aesthetic.

What else should you consider?

If you’re installing new stone flooring, it’s worth considering underfloor heating, as the two work really well together – and there’s nothing quite like a warm floor under bare feet. There are two main options to choose from: warm water or ‘wet systems’ or electric systems, where cables or a heating element mat is installed.

Once the stone has been laid, it’s very important to seal it correctly and then to maintain it with the correct products; there are plenty to choose from. Stone flooring is very hardwearing but it’s also acid sensitive, so avoid harsh household cleaners and vintage cleaning hacks using vinegar and lemons!

Accessorise your stone flooring

One of the fabulous things about stone flooring is that it can be so easily accessorised. Wickerwork and wood can add texture and soften the overall effect, and, if there’s space, full-length curtains can add soft, fluid lines. Think about lighting too; a curvaceous pendant or glamorous chandelier can contrast beautifully with the clean lines of a stone floor, and choosing warm-toned bulbs or LED’s can create a welcome rosy glow in the cold winter months. A fabulous combination to feed the senses!

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