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Why is stone flooring such a popular choice in the family home? There are lots of reasons; it’s natural, beautiful and incredibly hardwearing. It’s also a very practical choice and, with so many different designs to choose from, there are options for all interior design styles. And, what’s more suitable than a surface that can stand up to a walker, ride on toy or a similar set of wheels!

Beyond the enduringly popular creams and beiges, there are tiles and flagstones in honey and pink hues, in greys and browns, through to inky blacks. These come in all sorts of shapes and sizes – in uniform linear tiles or random patterns, and in smooth and rustic finishes – with options to suit all budgets. Having such a wide choice allows you to choose a design that suits a room’s design and use. For example, a stone floor with a textured or ‘tumbled’ surface will work well in a family bathroom, where some slip resistance is needed. In high traffic areas, like hallways and kitchens, it’s worth opting for a more rustic stone, which will help disguise muddy boot prints, paw marks and wheel tracks. Stones like our Basilica and Olympus are good choices, as they have a very forgiving speckled appearance. They’re also ideal if you’re looking to continue the stone flooring out onto a patio, for that seamless look that’s so popular with modern families.

It’s worth bearing in mind that stone flooring is a great conductor of heat too. It works really well with underfloor heating and it stays nice and cool in warm weather. Whether you’re replacing an existing floor or refurbishing a whole room, it’s always worth investing in a professional installation; good preparation is essential! An expert installer will also be able to advise on heating options as well, including ‘wet’ underfloor heating or electric mat heating in zoned or key areas.

Stone flooring’s durability

In terms of its durability, stone flooring is pretty hard to beat. As long as it’s maintained correctly, it really will last a lifetime and will maintain its stunning looks. Care isn’t complicated; you can sweep, vacuum or mop. (Remember to use a pH-neutral cleaner suitable for natural stone!) All stone flooring will need to be sealed after it’s laid and there are some fabulous solvent-free treatments available, so that you can ensure that the installation is chemical-free. A stone surface also has the added benefit of not harbouring dust or allergens, so it provides a healthy ‘clean air’ option perfect for young children, especially those prone to allergies.

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