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Here are the new themes, colours & trends for 2021.

As spring buds start to unfurl, Mother Nature continues to influence and inspire our colour choices. Earthy mushroom and nude tones, botanicals and bold brights are all steering trends – with Pantone’s Colour of the Year, Living Coral, bringing optimism and playfulness to this natural kaleidoscope.

Green is everywhere, in a spectrum of luscious shades, from dark hunter green, to paler celery, sage and light sea foams. Warming and restoring, these shades create a feeling of contentment, with darker shades creating depth and paler shades reflecting light. Beyond the paint palette, glazed terracotta tiles – like Frambuesa and Verde bright – banish the blues, combining colour, texture and sheen.

In terms of style, there are so many different influences at play. Art Deco – with its jewel tones and metallics; striking scallops and geometrics. On the floor, encaustic tiles like Fes are creating a bold and glamorous statement that’s so synonymous with this period. Years have gone by and it’s still turning heads. Even 1970’s retro, with its soft textures and boho vibe, can be seen in this season’s playful fringing and sumptuous curved sofas.

But along with the luxe and nostalgia, nature keeps us rooted. Sustainability and authenticity is, perhaps, the overarching theme. Natural, tactile materials, like an undulating stone floor, time-worn timber planks and twisted teak roots reconnect our homes with nature. They’re timeless, hearty and enduring – and a beautiful echo to simpler days.

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