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Our Marble Collection brings a flourish of Italian glamour to our stone range. The collection includes three basins and two freestanding baths, handcrafted from bright white marble with fine grey veining. Sleek lines and minimalist style creates a striking aesthetic, with an air of a lavish Roman style spa.

Each of the marble basins has a simple angled, conical design. The shortest, Bacia, is 120mm tall and is a countertop design. Appogio stands a squat 460mm tall and Colonna is a floor standing pedestal, measuring 860mm in height. Reflecting these lines, Circolare is a circular marble bath with straight, angled edges, whilst Ovale has a oval format.

“The new designs are very chic and understated, with all of the emphasis on the fabulous marble. To reinforce a modern look, marble can be ‘layered’ and continued on surfaces and accessories can be kept to a minimum, with pools of light used to create drama. Or, a softer look can be achieved by introducing different textures and tone; maybe a very decorative chrome mirror, to pick out the silver veining; some raw, contrasting dark timber or sumptuous, tactile fabric – like a rich jewel-toned velvet or even a faux zebra print,” explained Joss Thomas.

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