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A stunning mix of rustic wood and vibrant resin, Indigenous’ new Teak Root Stools pack a punchy little style statement!  The cuboid stools – which can also be used as pedestals, coffee or side tables – are made from salvaged teak roots infused with prism-effect resin.  They are offered in three shades – a rich cobalt blue, ice white and emerald green.

Like all Indigenous’ teak root designs, the stools are handcrafted from root material collected from fallen teak trees, which would normally be burnt or discarded.  Having been exposed to the sun and rain, the root wood has a natural durability.

Each designs follows the root’s individual shape and flow, resulting in a completely unique grain aesthetic, with waves, knots and gnarls. The coloured infusion is created by mixing resin with fine sand-like particles of glass poured into the timber, it follows the wood’s grain pattern.  The stools are sanded to give a smooth finish and soft edges. Lacquer is then applied to create a high sheen.

The new Teak Root stools measure 300 x 300 x 400mm.  The collection also includes a three-legged round stool and four-legged rectangular stool.

Other Teak Root designs include chairs, tables, side boards and benches; pendant shades and lamps; vanities, wash stands and mirrors.  There are also smaller accessories, including rustic plates, platters, bowls, chopping boards and vases.

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