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Made from the roots of fallen teak trees, Indigenous’ Teak Root Collection brings a striking, whimsical look to the home and garden.

Our Rustic Teak Furniture Collection

The collection includes stools, tables, chairs and lamps, as well as vases, bowls, plates and chopping boards.

Each piece is handcrafted and follows the root’s individual shape and flow; the result is a completely unique design, rich with knots and gnarls.

Some of our favourite products include;

Our bespoke reclaimed teak root dining table made from reclaimed teak timber salvaged from old buildings due to be demolished.

Our teak root glass topped coffee table made from teak branches and topped with 10mm of glass for a stunning finish.

Teak root double washstand which is also available as a single washstand if you’d prefer a single sink setup.

Our truly stunning teak root bench which is eye catching and makes for a stunning centrepiece in any setting.

Why Reclaimed Teak is So Versatile

Teak roots that would normally be burnt or discarded are used to make the pieces of our furniture which helps with Indonesian reforestation.

Having been exposed to the sun and rain, the root wood has a natural durability, so can be used both inside and outdoors.

Externally, the rich golden tone weathers to a silver shade, giving a driftwood appearance.

All Indigenous collections are individually sourced by founder, Joss Thomas and are chosen to complement Indigenous’ interior and surface ranges.


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