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What isn’t there to love about pale limestone flooring? Such simplicity and such natural beauty. It is incredibly versatile and it has a timeless quality that just doesn’t date. Use it on walls and floors; create a pared back contemporary look, an elegant country feel, or mix it all up together. But how do you choose between all of the fabulous different stones?

We’re often asked “What’s your favourite limestone flooring?” Maybe our own five favourites – and in no particular order – might help you find the ideal stone for you?

No.1. – Abbey limestone flooring

Why we love it… Because it is easily one of our longest selling stones. It’s been a best-seller in our limestone flooring range for more than ten years now and it remains consistently popular. Abbey has a wonderfully light, creamy tone, with occasional yellow hues, mottles and veining. The honed finish gives the limestone flooring a contemporary feel, whilst the tumbled finish – with rounded, broken edges – creates an aged look. Use it on walls and floors, in classic and modern spaces. There are various sizes available, and it’s very economically priced too. We have both Honed and Abbey Tumbled options available.

No.2. – Metro limestone flooring

Why we love it… It has a very stylish modern appearance; it’s even a little bit edgy. Creamy toned with soft speckling, this limestone flooring has a honed finish and slick, square edges. It’s available in lots of different sizes and it works really well on floors and walls. Use it to create an effortlessly, elegant contemporary look, with smart, uniform grout lines and just the right amount of character.

No.3. – Heritage limestone flooring

Why we love it… It’s probably our most popular type of limestone flooring, for lots of different reasons. Being that bit more honey coloured, it’s very forgiving and yet it still brings that light, spacious, airy feel. Its colouring seems to work well with a wide range of tones and interior schemes, making it our ‘go to’ limestone flooring design. It can also be used indoors and outside, so it’s ideal if you’re looking to continue the same stone out onto a patio or terrace – and also want something at a good mid-price level. Choose from a honed or tumbled finish, which each create a very different look.

No.4. – Bastide limestone flooring

Why we love it… It’s so very classical and is chic in abundance. Bastide is a French limestone flooring design in a wonderfully simple, creamy tone. It’s available as a Paver, with a tumbled finish, or in a majestic flagstone format, with a honed surface and a pillowed edge. A true classic!

No.5. – Shire Aged limestone flooring

Why we love it… Because it’s a fabulous alternative to Cotswold Stone limestone flooring, which is incredibly popular locally, as we’re based in Burford in the Cotswolds. It has the same warm, honey colour but it is a lot more dense and hardwearing. The undulating, subtly pitted surface of this limestone flooring gives it a very tactile look, with saffron, cream and occasional grey tones. Shire Aged has a pillowed edge and an aged finish. It’s available in fabulous large formats to create a stunning, authentic-looking flagstone floor that would suit any style of interior.

What’s your favourite type of limestone flooring? We’d love to hear from you!  Get in touch on on FACEBOOK or Twitter, give us a call or pop into our showroom, just off Burford High Street. Or, to find out more about our favourite pale limestone flooring designs – and lots more – please click here.

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