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Indigenous’ new Onyx Basin combines a rough, rustic finish with a silky-smooth inside, for a striking statement look.  Hewn from semi-precious stone, hand-polishing brings out its natural layered tiger-stripe.  The new basin is designed to sit atop a pedestal or vanity unit and works especially well partnered with wood.

Onyx is formed when water dissolves limestone and re-deposits it as a new kind of stone.  In limestone caves, it’s formed by drip water, in a similar way to stalagmites and stalactites.

Its luminous bands of colour can range from red to jade green.  Indigenous’ new design is handmade from cream-toned onyx which combines ivory, fawn and brown bands.  The basin is 400mm in diameter and stands 150mm tall (approx.).  As with all natural materials, the stone should be cleaned with a pH-neutral product.

Other natural stone basins include Carrara Stone, Nero Stone, Crystal Rock and Riverstone designs, offered in a variety of formats.  Indigenous’ collection also includes Metal, Petrified Wood and Stone Resin basins, along with Oak, Bone Inlay, Reclaimed Teak, Tree Trunk and Teak Root Vanity Units.




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