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I’ve always found great comfort in Nordic interior trends. Moving from cosy Hygee, to ‘just right’ Lagom, they have shown us how to be mindful and sustainable. The latest interpretation, Umage – means ‘make a bit more effort’. Perhaps this one will be my most favourite yet, with its greater scope for colour, texture and change. 

In general, the new Nordic interiors feature more colour. Earthy ‘new neutrals’ are joining the enduring pale shades, bringing a little light relief from that very stark interior style. I do love a white interior, but it can be difficult to achieve in your own home!

Along with the warmer shades, there’s lots more texture too – from rough wood and tactile ceramics, to wool and worn leather. Wicker furniture is also a new feature of this new interpretation and it works so well within these schemes, which are still calming and timeless at heart, but a little less rigid.


Other new elements include terracotta, vintage glass – and lots of greenery. Tall floor-standing plants are a lovely way to add height to a room, whilst trailing plants and succulents inject a scene of calm – all adding colour and cleaning the air.

The Japandi trend, which combines Japanese and Scandinavian elements, is yet another interpretation that provides some lovely ideas. This hybrid of styles is still calm and minimal but, like Umage, there’s more scope for mixing elements like light and very dark woods. Nature, once again, plays a big part, with lots of green foliage and colours interplay between cool Nordic and warmer Japanese-inspired tones.

I love that these styles are still minimal but that they’re also contrast rich, with lots of scope to combine different materials and styles.

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