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When it comes to creating a luxury bathroom on a budget it’s all about investing in wisely in the standout pieces.

If you spend your money on feature items that demand attention, you can go with less costly options in the rest of the bathroom.

Whether it’s a unique flooring or a beautiful freestanding bath, what you choose to be your standout piece is up to you.

Renovating your bathroom into a luxurious space doesn’t have to break the bank.

1. Go big with the floor

Your floor is likely to have a smaller surface area than your walls. So, by creating a stunning feature floor you can save money on tiling walls.

Our favourite way to do this has to be by using encaustic tiles. They look amazing, even in the smallest spaces and are sure to be a talking point with your guests.

2. Opt for a feature bath

Being probably the largest item in your bathroom, it makes sense to invest in a bath that you love.

If you have the space for it, a freestanding bath can transform your bathroom. It’s probably one of the simplest ways to turn your bathroom from just a functional space into something a bit more luxurious.

We have an amazing range of freestanding baths to make your luxury bathroom pop.

3. Create Feature Walls

Paint, feature wall cladding, decorative wallpaper or glazed wall tiles. There are loads of ways to create a feature wall on varying budgets.

It doesn’t even need to be a whole wall; feature tiles or border tiles can add a lot to a bathroom without costing too much.

Grey paint is on-trend for any room and will look great in your bathroom.

You can get paints in every shade imaginable that will contrast wonderfully with the rest of your bathroom.

Think about where to use your chosen wall tiles to best create the feature wall effect. Splashbacks, walls opposite large mirrors and those next to windows can all be used to good effect with the right type of wall finish to create a perfect feature look.

4. Be clever with glass

When it comes to your shower, partition walls or shower curtains are a simple thing to get rid of.

Replacing them with glass is a relatively low-cost option that can open your bathroom up; giving the illusion of more space.

Smoked panels can create a sense of elegance and provide a bit more privacy.

If you need any help with inspiration for your luxury bathroom feel free to pop into our Burford showroom. Or, give us a call on 01993 824200.

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