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Indigenous has introduced Reclaimed Beam to its Cladding Collection offering a rustic cladding for your walls.

How is Reclaimed Beam Cladding Made?

Made from the outer timber salvaged from old European beams, the handmade cladding is rich in colour and texture, creating real vintage character.

Using reclaimed cladding

It can be used in many different ways: in a cosy snug, wrapped seamlessly around the walls, ceiling and floor; to create a feature wall or sliding door, as a decorative ‘picture’ panel or to line walls for a traditional panelled look.

Reclaimed Beam is offered in three different formats: as 3D cladding made from short staves; as tongue-and-grooved engineered planks and solid panels.

The individual cladding pieces are random widths and lengths, and colour tones vary from light silver and sandy shades to rich walnut.

Our reclaimed cladding range

Other reclaimed designs include Indigenous’

Reclaimed Wooden Cladding

Sustainably sourced eucalyptus cladding

Chestnut , Pine or oak traditional cladding

Reclaimed barn Spruce cladding

Old Windows with its original chips of paint

Old Barrels made from recycled wine casks;

Pyrography cladding, with embossed French text in the style of antique wine crates;

Wood Mixed Cladding

Wood & Metal Patchwork

Oak & Fabric Mix

Fabric Cladding

Recycled Jeans

Metal Cladding

Much of our metal cladding range is made from sustainably sourced metals including our;

Brass cladding

Oxidised Copper


Zinc cladding.


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