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Home Uncategorised Floors on walls for cool ‘cocoon’ style

Wood creates a warm, comforting surface and, when it’s continued onto walls, it can create a fabulous natural cocoon-feel.

For a dramatic style statement, wood flooring can be continued up an entire wall – or walls. This can give two very different looks. In small, rustic spaces, dark toned wood will create a cosy, intimate feel, in true Hygge style. To create a lighter contrast for summer months, combine with light, flat woven rugs; sheer, ethereal curtains and arm-fulls of fresh flowers and foliage.

In an open plan, contemporary interior, flooring can be continued onto a single wall to create a strong, architectural feature. This works particularly well on partitions, where the vertical surface can be walked around, linking two different spaces with a seamless finish.

As well as wood, stone can also be used to swathe surfaces in this way, and can create a dramatic statement inside and outdoors

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