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All interior designs benefit from a strong focal point; an ‘accent’ area that draws the eye or adds definition in a open-plan space. In the past, it might have been created by a stunning fireplace, or a piece of statement furniture or art. Now, its feature walls that are steering the trend and they offer a massive amount of scope for any room.

In addition to a contrast in colour, different materials and textures offer a wealth of design opportunities. For example, rustic wood cladding blocks can create a very snug-like ‘ski lodge’ feel. Try reclaimed barn spruce cladding and compare it to our old barrels cladding or consider instead our reclaimed beam cladding to achieve your ski lodge look.

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There’s also a growing trend to continue a wood floor installation onto a wall; this can provide a multitude of different looks, depending on the grain and style of flooring used.

A more feminine look can be achieved with mosaics, like Indigenous’ Mother of Pearl or Coconut designs. Installed behind a dressing table, or his and hers counter top basins, the tiny tiles can transform a dressing room or bathroom. For a more robust look, choose a stone mosaic like Indigenous Caribbean Stone Mosaics; their naturally undulating, weave format provides a stunning, textural backdrop, with a strong coastal feel.

To reinforce the look, keep adjacent walls neutrals. Then, after fixing, seal the wood or mosaics with a suitable water and stain proofing treatment to keep maintenance to a minimum – and, for cleaning, always choose a pH-neutral solution to protect the natural surface.


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