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The kitchen is the heart of any home – and choosing the right type of stone flooring for this busy area is a really important decision. In most properties, it’s the area that will see the most hustle and bustle – not to mention muddy boots, paw prints and a fair few spillages – and whichever stone you choose, it needs to be robust and practical.

Unlike many other materials, stone flooring will last a lifetime , so although it may cost a little more, it’s a sound investment. When comparing different designs, we’re often steered by trends – with colour and pattern playing a big part – but it’s worth looking closely at the practical aspects before making that final decision.

Stone flooring colour options

Very pale stone flooring is a great option in terms of design. Light colours suit most colour schemes but it’s best to be realistic if the outdoors often comes into your kitchen. More mottled designs, in a mix of shades, like pale honey-toned Midas or Heritage, with its warm colour flecks, can be a lot more forgiving. Surface finish is important too; more textured stones tend to hide the dirt but a lot of texture can create a bit of a dirt trap. So, look out for a design where the high and low points aren’t too dramatic.

Grout colour is often a long way down the list of things to consider, but choosing the right shade can make or break an installation. Very pale grout can look great on day one but it will very quickly become dirty. Whichever colour you choose, make sure that, like the stone flooring, it’s correctly sealed. Larger slabs, which are very popular, also have fewer grout lines, which can be beneficial in high traffic areas.

Looking after your stone flooring

Once your stone flooring is sealed and ready to be lived on, make sure that you’re stocked up with a suitable detergent. Many types of stone are sensitive to the acid that you’ll find in general floor cleaners; overtime, they will damage the sealant and could etch the stone flooring. To look after your floor, choose a pH-neutral formulation that’s designed for natural surfaces. Quality, concentrated cleaners can often be used at different dilutions, so you’ll also be able to use the same product for an occasional ‘deep clean’.

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