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Vivienne Westwood’s message of six years ago rings true today, more than ever before. And, although we’re in the business of selling things, we have always believed in “less is more”. Choose one piece to add that wow factor, choose it wisely and it will give you a lifetime of joy. Our wiser green decisions and sustainable choices are having a huge influence on our lives, as is our love of authentic natural materials. Sustainability is no longer the domain of the eco-conscious warrior; it’s becoming a mind-set.


Natural materials are beautiful and precious, and our recycled and salvaged collections are some of our absolute favourites – lovely examples of “waste not, want not.” Our Driftwood Mirrors are made from flotsam washed up on beaches by the wind, tide or waves. They’re handmade; rich in texture and natural, rustic appeal. A wonderful example of creating something extraordinary from something ordinary, without impacting on the environment.

The same can be said for our Teak Root and Petrified wood designs. Roots from fallen teak trees, that would normally be burnt or discarded, are used to create wonderful pieces of furniture and accessories. These designs are steered by the roots’ natural shape and each handcrafted piece is totally unique. Our Petrified Wood designs are also true to their roots. A wood stool retains the natural look of a tree stump; each piece is made from wood that’s been buried and has hardened to a stone-like texture. Petrified wood is extremely solid and sturdy and a wonderful material to work with.


Our passion for all things salvaged continues with Riverstone – a collection made from boulders from the active Marapi volcano. The stones are washed downstream, collected and crafted by hand. Each piece – from bowl to bath – is completely unique and incredibly tactile. Natural materials, like these, bring harmony and balance to our hectic lifestyles – and quality, sustainable design allows us to buy once and treasure forever.


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