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The appeal of a beachy white wood floor is showing no signs of slowing. It’s a casual Nordic style that creates a fabulous light, airy feel and it suits any interior design.Long, wide boards are really popular and the whole look is more vintage than pristine. And, if you choose a rustic timber with lots of knots and lively graining, it helps disguise footprints.

Most engineered wood floors are ‘prefinished’ to protect them – an unfinished timber surface would very quickly wear and become stained – and lacquer and hardwax oil finishes tend to be the most widely available.

Lacquer creates a finish much like a varnish. It sits on the surface of the wood and creates a protective coating that’s great for high traffic areas. Some lacquers have a very glossy sheen, whilst others have a more matt appearance; these tend to work best on pale, beachy floors. To repair or renovate this type of floor, you’ll need to sand the whole surface back and re-apply a lacquer, although this generally wouldn’t be necessary for many years.

Hardwax oil finishes are made from a combination of oils, with a small amount of wax added. They generally have a more tactile, matt appearance and may need a little more maintenance as the surface isn’t so dirt repellent. That said, they are easy to look after with the correct products and are far easier to repair. You essentially just rub back the area needing attention and re-apply a hardwax oil. Oiled finishes are very similar to hardwax oil, but without the wax element. They’re not quite so tough but still protect by penetrating the timber. And, like hardwax oil, the protection builds up with each application.

As well as natural coloured finishes, all of these treatments come in different shades or ‘stains’. White oils create that sought-after pale look and contain white pigments. The finished effect might have beige, honey or smoky undertones; it might be streaky or have a more solid colour.

If your home is flooded in sunlight for most of the day, it might be worth considering a UV filter finish. These treatments act like a sunscreen and will stop your floor from fading over time.

Along with the pre-finish, there are also finishing treatments for wood floors. These can give a floor a fabulous vintage affect and also add grip, so they can make the surface less slippery. There are lots to choose from – including sanded, brushed and tumbled finishes – and they all work brilliantly with pale finishes. Other details like broken edges, hand-sawn and hand-worked pillowed edges, bevels and sawn markings also add to a floor’s character, making something brand new look loved and time worn.

For more ideas on achieving a coastal look, browse our floor and interior collections or call the shop on 01993 824200.

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