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During my travels, I’m lucky enough to meet many fabulous artisans and designers; people who are really, really passionate about the materials that they work with. And it rather rubs off on you! Most of these materials are natural, like wood, stone and ceramics – and the best ones find their way into our Burford showroom. Alongside our enduring signature pieces, new designs join the range each season, with a nod to the trends – and this year’s most-sought-after-looks include lots of the things that we love.

Quiet Luxury – Intentional Shopping

Just like in fashion, there’s a real move towards being a more conscious interior shopper and seeking high quality, timeless designs. More about understated luxury than opulence, quiet luxury creates a sense of well-being. It is the long-term journey and adding to your home, slowly and thoughtfully.

Personalised Spaces

Interiors should tell a story – your story – rather than just be a reflection of trends or a popular look. I’ve always loved eclectic style… an individually curated space… and it’s wonderful to see it becoming ever more popular. Right now, it’s all about comfort and owning your own look.

Artisan Makers, Design & Sustainability

These earlier trends and movements are fuelling the desire for one-of-a-kind pieces, often handcrafted by an Artisan. Sustainability is playing a big part too. The trend for quality craftmanship and sustainable design go hand-in-hand and are now ever present. And it’s not just about an individual product but also about from where a material is sourced.

It’s wonderful that these trends link so beautifully. They’re not whimsical and short-lived. They’re enduring and something that you can build upon, season after season.

Embracing Imperfection

I love perfectly imperfect form and it’s now very sought-after. Things that are handmade from natural materials are often individual and imperfect. It’s time to embrace imperfection and undone style. Not so many straight edge here; it’s about organic form, curves and comfort.

Chocolate, Citrus & Purple

Brown’s a real ‘on the rise’ tone this year, particular layered shades like caramel, latte and chocolate. Still a neutral tone, it’s really cosy and it brings a real warmth and earthiness to a room. Dark wood tones and smoked oak are lovely ways to warm things up and all these shades blend so well with other natural colours, like cream, muted green and warm fuzzy peach and apricot overtones. And, if you want to push the boundaries, there are also the ‘fun’ colour trends, like zesty Chartreuse, regal purple and whimsical lavender – which all work surprising well with brown. How will these play out? I guess, in eclectic design, it can be any way we like. Have fun!