White Teak Root Resin Stool

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Original price was: £350.00.Current price is: £245.00.
Original price was: £350.00.Current price is: £245.00.

Offered in three different designs, our Teak Root Stool combines reclaimed rustic teak root timber and coloured resin. The cuboid design has soft edges and a smooth finish. Coloured resin is mixed with glass to create a shot of colour in an prism-effect which follows the timber’s grain pattern. Lacquer is then applied to give a high sheen. The white stool includes ice white resin.

The stools are handcrafted from root material collected from fallen teak trees, which would normally be burnt or discarded.  Having been exposed to the sun and rain, the root wood has a natural durability. Each design follows the root’s individual shape and flow, resulting in a completely unique grain aesthetic, with waves, knots and gnarls. The coloured infusion is created by mixing resin with fine sand-like particles of glass poured into the timber.

Due to the natural and handcrafted nature of this item, there will be variations in the appearance of each unique piece. Furniture left outside will be susceptible to discolouration.

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