Tree Trunk Pedestal Washstand

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Original price was: £1,890.00.Current price is: £1,134.00.
Original price was: £1,890.00.Current price is: £1,134.00.

Our Tree Trunk Pedestal wooden Wash Stand is made from salvaged Longan wood, from a tree that bears lychees. The trees are replaced when they no longer produce fruit and the waste wood is handcrafted. The back of the trunk is carved out to hide plumbing and the top surface is planed. The stand creates a fabulous contrast to a stone counter top basins.

Weight – 250 kgs
Waste Pre Drilled – Yes
Characteristics – These washstands will vary in shape and colour due to the natural characteristics of the tree trunk. The pedestal washstands are supplied untreated and may benefit from an oil treatment after installation.

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