Oversized Petrified Wood Basin

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Our ‘oversized’ Petrified Wood Basin is characterised by a raw and gnarly bark-like exterior and stone-like bowl. The majestic design creates a stunning rustic feature – whilst its generous proportions provide plenty of space for two.  The raw material is crafted by hand and the inside of the bowl sanded to a smooth, glossy surface.


Petrified wood is salvaged from underground; buried under sediment for millions of years, it’s protected from decay caused by oxygen and organisms. Mineral-rich groundwater flows through the sediment and, overtime, the minerals replace the timber and take on the appearance of the bark and wood structure.  Annual rings are often preserved too.



Weight – 25 kgs
Water Capacity – 3 litres
Waste Included – No
Overflow – No
Characteristics – These basins will vary in size, shape and colour due to the natural characteristics of petrified wood.

We offer a nationwide delivery service which is calculated according to product weight and size during the check-out process.  We also ship internationally and will quote on request. For further information on our delivery charges please click here.

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