Irvetta Basin

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Original price was: £170.00.Current price is: £119.00.
Original price was: £170.00.Current price is: £119.00.

Our stone resin range is characterised by different shapes and design. The Irvetta Basin has straight edges and a rectangular shape, perfect for a modern glamorous setting. Produced from stone resin, which is known for its durability, this basin is easy to look after and maintain. Combine with a backdrop of stunning wall tiles and a simple stone countertop for a stylish, elegant bathroom. Also available, our Irvetta Pedestal Basin, follows a similar design.

Weight – 12 kgs
Water Capacity – 10 litres
Waste Included – Click clack
Overflow – No
Characteristics – These basins are made from stone resin, which is a solid, non-porous material composed of resin, minerals and colour pigments. It is a strong, durable substance which is stain resistant.

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